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August 02, 2008



For the German political establishment (SPD+CDU/CSU+Greens+FDP)it took more than 20 years to create a crisis so complicated that they can accuse everyone not responsible for the crisis of not being competent enough to solve it. So consequently the citizen shall be entitled to throw good votes after the bad -again. But more and more voters seem to tune out from that downward spiral. They turn their backs to those who have betrayed them. Life is just.



How much support do you see at the "Basis" of both the LEFT party and the SPD for cooperation?


On low levels like in the cities and districts we already have talks (not only) with the SPD. In Berlin we also have a coalition with them. "The Basis" however, is mainly on our side because our demands dominate the agenda, while the leaders of the SPD rather feels themselves committed to the Schröder heritage and the guidelines of the great coalition with the CDU/CSU. Another remarkable point is that union activists discover the Left as a new political alternative - more and more of them join us. The downswing of the SPD will go on as long as their leaders behave like politruks against them 'damned proletarians'. It's all windfall profits that we earn until now. The storm is yet to come unless old auntie SPD gets real and remembers where she comes from.


Those Juso numbers do not paint a happy picture. Vibrant democracy needs a basis of activists who believe in social justice and the rule of law. The SPD should think outside the box a bit and find spokespeople who appeal to young people.

If the SPD can bend to reality and embraces the possibility of coalition with the Left, it will take some of the steam out of the Left's rise.



The elections in Hessen show that both the SPD and the LEFT party seem to have run out of steam....

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