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September 26, 2008



I just received my 'notice to quit' from the attorneys for Deutsche Bank. This comes after my receiving a call from the Massachusetts Banking Commission on the 13th stating that my appeal for postponement of the mortgage sale.
There was just one problem with that postponement, the attorney and auctioneer had arrived and conducted a sale in which no one bidded on the house only one hour before!
If anyone has any ideas as to what is going to happen to me and my kids. Or perhaps knows some way I can still save my home, can you please contact me @ lostsailor01930@gmail.com?
I am a single dad who basically got into this mess after being told I had no credit history by one of Deutsche Bank's Hench Corporation (the loan broker) and they set me up with a loan I couldn't afford with a tacit promise that in six months, they'd get me into a loan that was a qualifying loan. OF COURSE, they sold it and this outfit Saxon stepped in and they were anything but nice about things.



Get in touch with Maureen McDonogh at Harvard Law School Legal Services


They have helped folks in your predicament and have experience with Deutsche Bank.

Good Luck!

immo regio

I think your blog is fanastic. This report is extremely useful. Thanks

raymond ramos

i feel the same way i have a deutsche bank mortgage and they trying to forclosure on me to but they can't they don't own the orginal mortgage note and i have a tila violation. i'm a ex-banker in florida if there is anything i can do to help please call me ray 407-949-2985 i work for free i'm also veteran so help those who can't help them selfs.

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