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September 01, 2008


Television Network

See a word or phrase in German, and try to guess the English. http://www.univision.co.za/


I can´t remember in which article I wrote something about any kind of “US-Coordination”. Maybe you can give me a hint ;-)
No one wants to compare the German Media with the Russian Media. “We” are proud of our freedom of press, which doesn´t exist in Russia. If you want to discredit my critics on the German Media with the argument, in Russia everything is even worse, you are missing the point. The Russian Media can´t be the benchmark. We are (fortunately) in Germany and not in Russia.



Even if it's true that ARD cut some of Putin's interview, do you believe Putin's account of the events in South Ossetia and condone his actions?



If you publish or broadcast an interview with a politican or statesman, you will get subjective answers. You can make an interview with Bush, Merkel, Putin or Mr. Saakashvili - it doesn´t matter. Off course i don´t belive in every word, Mr. Putin says. But most of the shortend content in this interview is not particulary wrong but the Russian position. And if you broadcast an interview with a foreign statesman, it does make sense, at least to communicate his position. Otherwise the reader or viewer can´t form his opinion about the conflict. If you look at the German Media and Mr. Saakashvili, you will notice, that he got serveral oportunities to communicate his position in interviews on German TV. That has nothing to do with left or right, wrong or right - it´s all about preoccupation in the minds of some journalists.



when in July Russia cut his oil supplies to the Czech Republic by half (!) just days after the United States signed the missile shield agreement in Prague, German media were nearly unanimously silent about this issue. (Thanks to the IKL pipeline which connects the country with the European pipeline system in Germany, the Russian oil shortfall has been fully offset - another fact not mentioned by German media.)

So according to your logic, I guess German media "were pro-Putin" and therefore the media coverage was "censored". Doesn't sound very convincing to me.

You wrote that Saakashvili got serveral oportunities to communicate his position in interviews on German TV. Sure, but the same goes for Medwedjew and Putin. Let the nitpicking begin! True, Saakashvili was a video guest in the last "Berlin Mitte" program, but there was also former Soviet top diplomat Igor Maximytschew (and, of course, notorious Peter Scholl-Latour and Klaus Mangold who both took a pro-Russian stance). Is the ZDF pro-Russian? David, to get your own picture of the style of the debate in Germany, you can see the whole program until thursday, try

Thomas Roth is an outstanding journalist with profound backround knowledge about Russia and the former Soviet republics and the hysterical reactions and verbal slanders of some wannabe "Russlandversteher" on the Tagesschau blog - "Interview mit Putin im Ersten", http://blog.tagesschau.de/?p=1380 - are rather symptomatic. See also his comment "Von Zensur kann keine Rede sein".


I am new here and I was wondering if you could tell me why my account keeps logging out? Is this normal?

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