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September 23, 2008



Why not raise to 5 trillion dollars for the colonisation of Pluto? Or for the invasion of (their-not your) China? Sell everything you have, David, borrow as much as you can and invest everything in tobacco and cigarettes...


Actually, I was thinking about buying a distillery. More and more Americans will want to drown their sorrows in booze...


This, of course, is an investment that will excel everything: http://www.abnamrozertifikate.de/DE/Showpage.aspx?pageID=35&ISIN=NL0000210912

It's a direct investment into death.

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We are entering this scenario. The truth is that the Us Dollar the Euro and the Yuan are approaching a loss of confidence that gives the hyper-inflationary scenario a more than 50-50 chance of occurring.
I am invested in Canadian Dollars (backed by gold, oil and wheat), gold, silver, beans, Honey and Irish whiskey. The Wiemar experience is my guide as to store of value. I know on at least one aspect I will be wrong, but I will be liquid(whiskey) and not starve(honey and beans).
If I am wrong, I might waste my money, but if the hyperinflation occurs I will buy local land (the Red River Valley of Minnesota, North Dakota, and Manitoba) is very productive and my descendants and myself will prosper in the changing world.

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