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October 01, 2008



I can't/won't judge Engdahl's observation either, but certainly agree on the translation note. It's extremely limitedand quite disappointing. I search for local writers' works in translation when traveling about Europe, and most that I find seem destined for the UK market, and not the US.


The crap people read! Even intelligent people. I get two or three pages into that kind of dreck and I can't stand any more. Gresham, etc.
Movies are actually better. I've seen a couple of good ones lately.
There are some great American novelists, but because they are women they are not widely or seriously read: Joyce Carol Oates and Marge Piercy, the very thoughtful Ursula LeGuin, and so on. They are, alas, mostly elderly now.
And what about Roth? Can't overlook him. Also old, of course.
I think the creative impulse in younger people is more in the direction of film and other visuals.



What movies can you recommend? To me, it seems like 2008 has been pretty much a bust for new film. But I live out "in the sticks" so maybe I've just missed the good ones.


My taste in movies is not very highbrow or PC. I loved "Wall-E" even though I ordinarily hate animated films. Recent movies I've enjoyed have been "Tropic Thunder" and "Burn After Reading."
Most movies that meet with serious critical response don't do much for me. Oh, and as I always say, I'll go to ANY George Clooney movie. I would watch that man hanging wallpaper!

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