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December 03, 2008



I've just started reading it, what a coincidence! It seems to be emerging as many readers' book of the year...


Katy, please post your thoughts after you've finished reading it.

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Critic Gerhardt Csejka described Lenz as one of the German authors who saw it as his duty to help the German people "to pay off the enormous debts", which "the Germans together with their honoured Führer had burdened themselves." Lenz saw it as his obligation to "take preventive actions against any danger of a reoccurrence."


I really do not get this story. soo he is helping is father with his work on a boat. suddenly his english teacher appear out of fucking nowhere and wants to go with him on the boat?? wtfamireading.jpg

Clermont County Jail

Schweigeminute appears on the album Praise The Fallen.

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