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January 01, 2009



"And the stupid American voters turned out in record numbers to elect this fraud." Too true. I am an American Lesbian living in Germany, because Obama and his ilk refused to sign the bill before Congress called UAFA, which would allow parters of gays and lesbians residency in the US, all the while pandering to gays and lesbians. He is totally against Marriage Equality for lesbians and gays, yet happily pocketed money from us.

Having lived near South Chicago for many years, I can appreciate de Winter's references to dirty Chicago politics. You can connect the dots.

And then there is Rick Warren. 'Nuff said.


Barack Obama has called for the total repeal of DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act)which is the first step towards legal equality for gay relationships. He also signaled that he could support UAFA if the anti-fraud provisions could be strengthened.

There was only one candidate for either party in the US who supported gay marriage: Dennis Kucinich, who didn't win any primary or state caucus.

I would also point out that Germany also does not recognize gay marriage.

Attitudes are changing in the US, and some day gays and lesbians will have the right to marry in every state of America.


De Winter advocates terror himself, as in the case of the MKO. The MKO did the blood job for Saddam Hussein during the notorious Anfal operation and is under Israeli protection now - by the grace of George W. Bush's Iraqi Freedom.


The accusation of fraud for lesbians and gays is insulting and misplaced. I know a number of heteros who have gotten US citizenship under fraudulent means.

Rather, fraud is rampant in heterosexual marriage and immigration. But Obama does not seek to limit hetero immigrants from getting residency obtained under the flimsiest of reasons.

Germany grants far more rights to same gender couples than does the States, including residency and healthcare access. I am welcomed here by the Lutheran Church, and I and my partner are even leasing land from the them.

I have spent thousands of dollars for my partner to stay in the States, and not once did Obama or his campaign respond to my plea to sign UAFA (which among others, his Press secretary Rahm Emanuel has done).

Obama is the offspring of a bi-national black man and caucasian woman couple, and then would disallow the right of residency to bi-national lesbians and gay couples, whose exclusion is based on the exact same reason as was given for mixed race couples: "God doesn’t want it that way."

I am 70, so thanks for your “some day there will be” drivel. We need someone who will step up to the front of the bus NOW for all people. Indeed, Obama knows where his bread is buttered; no Rosa Parks is he.

Schein vs Sein -- Baroque Obama is just that.


Obama invited Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration. And he is sitting on his hands about Gaza. And he has filled his team with Clinton and Bush leftovers. And Lawrence Summers. And so on.
This is change we can all believe in?


I've read De Winter's piece, and I don't believe it qualifies as hate speech in Germany, and certainly not in the U.S. It's an outsider's view and falls short on that account. But some of what he says is factual, such as that Obama had to market himself as darn near white to win the election. Which he freely admits. Smile and be non-threatening. Shining his mother on about his drug use. Remember that? He said it himself. I voted for him because McCain is so bad, not because Obama is so great, and I don't think he's done anything to merit my unquestioning approval, or anyone's for that matter. I think we're entitled to say what we please about Obama or anyone, at least in the U.S.A.
My last posting did not appear, so Type Pad must be acting up again.


Oh, it did appear, but with a time lag.


"Schein vs. Sein"

Let's see what he does when he actually takes office. We have 50 million Americans without health insurance,and another 100 million woefully underinsured. We have millions losing their jobs in the worst recession since the the Great Depression. I'll judge Obama's presidency on how well he tackles this crisis, not on who gives the prayer at his inauguration.


I disagree. Just for instance, gay men and women suffer economic consequences as the result of discrimination against them. That's important, at least to me.


Knallhart is incorrectly translated to Brutal.
Brutal is brutal in both languages (English and German)
Knallhart could be translated as tough, stonehard, hardened. While brutal has mostly negative notions attached to the word, knallhart is more neutral in character.
By choosing the way you even translate a minor part of your article in such a hate inciting manner, your entire article looses its objectivity and credibility.
Winter very eloquently expresses facts. It is sad that common sense does not seem to prevail in most of media including your article. Thank God, the normal citizen still has common sense, not to be mistaken with racism. Common sense is not racism. This unrational demagogic leftwing thinking your article unfortunately tries to perpetuate, I have faith, will not prevail with the regular folks who believe in hard work, standards of decency, respect for life, respect for the other.


Every aspect of deWinter's analysis is racist (Obama is a "Sydney Poitier black" -ie, not really black) is racist. If you can't see that, than you know nothing about the United States.


The American people don't like a Marxist and that's what Obama is.
That does not make one racist. I could care less about his skin color. Anyways he is half white.
The EU has no soul and will fail.

Annette Kay

The writer tries hard to make his points, too hard. Liberal writer, David Ehrenstein, first referred to Barack Obama as the "Magic Negro." Rush Limbaugh put it to music because, as he said, "We do parodies and satires on the idiocy and phoniness of the left." The press didn't criticize Ehrenstein but they did Rush.

As an American looking at Europe, one gets the feeling that political correctness and phoniness rules the speech of its citizens also.

Sadly, Barack Obama has been
"a total failure." Like Mr. Vickrey, Mr. Obama has used and is still using his race to fend off criticism. Political correctness was devised by the left for that purpose. Once you're proven right, perhaps you should be listened to.


I'm always surprised when women come to the defense of Rush Limbaugh, who called women who used birth control "sluts".

Limbaugh is the ugly face of racism in America, and the hero of millions of dimwitted, obese white folks.

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