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January 25, 2009



Excellent post. Thanks for all the thinking and researching you do on these important subjects.
I was in Germany in the 70's too. At that time there was very little Vergangenheitsbewaeltingung going on in the sense of coming to terms with the Nazi past.
But everyone I knew was horrified by the Baader-Mienhoff group because they were so afraid of even the suggestion of civil disorder and violence which left right polarization could set off.
There was a bombing in Freiburg that caused a lot of damage. I do not know who did it.


It's an awesome film. Very exciting and stays close to real history. Does a great job inserting real video, real audio, and actual texts composed by the RAF into the story.

One quibble is Esslin and Meinhof were not nearly as hot as the actresses who portray them here--they make being a terrorist look even sexier than the originals. Some will worry that the film glorifies terrorism, but in truth it exposes the RAF as narcissists and psychopaths. Certainly "Weather Underground" paints a much more sympathetic picture of left-wing terrorism.

Also Moritz Bleibtreu as Andreas Baader doesn't really work, though it has its moments to be sure.

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