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February 17, 2009



Fascinating. I must get it and read it.
It took us three years to figure out how to get our Swiss social security, and I am now trying to puzzle out the German on my benefits information.
I'm entitled to a certain sum for the eleven years and eight months that I cared for my children in Switerland! Talk about civilized. But also, talk about bureauacracy!

Gabriel Glazer

I am very much interested in reading Baerfuss' One Hundred Days in English. Kindly advise if a translation is being planned and, if possible, the name of the publisher. Thank you.

(-)Gabriel Glazer


@Gabriel - translation already exists through Granta Books and can be purchased at Amazon

Auto Body Seattle

The question still needs to be asked how this happened on our watch. He deals with it well in the sense of analyzing ones motives for actions. Also it gives insight into aid abroad and as a Swiss he may be enlightening us about their guilt which I was unaware of. Enjoy!

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One of the best books I've read from Lukas Bärfuss. Highly recommended.

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