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March 12, 2009



so where is all that money now?


Why on earth would GM sell Opel? Maybe it is just me, but the only decent products they have are Opel based designs? The Astra should be selling, but they never advertise it? People have no clue it even exists in a Saturn dealer. The Aura and new Vue are great, what is the problem?

People are so weird, the entire Opel line should be sold through Saturn. They are set to compete with VW and Honda, they need to sell it that way. The small cars they need the small cars, the price of fuel is going to rise again they need affordable efficient small cars. It amazing to me when they introduced the Outlook? I thought another big SUV and what does that have to do with Saturn.

If they sell Opel, then they should sell Saturn with it. Then it would be Opel/Vauxhall/Saturn and have access to the American Market and production. They need to sell it off and slice it up the UAW as well, new company new contracts. If they strike then make the cars in in other plants.

They should be able to shift production around to be most efficient.

I hate what GM did to Saab or what they didn’t do?

GM is to big, aspects of them should be sold off but it is important that some production remain in the states, just under new labor agreements. They should sell Pontiac to Toyota, they never took advantage of the plant in California they should be selling a Corolla based G5 not a cobalt re-skinned. They could be selling products based on the Tacoma truck but they created a small pick-up with a 5 cylinder engine that gets 6 cylinder mileage? The S-10 was popular the new truck is not.

I think TATA should buy Saab from GM and then sell the Jaguar and Saabs with its products in the US maybe call it international motor works. Sell a full line and central services, GM could sell them Saab and a couple of factories in the US, again with new labor contracts.

I am serious slice the monster up.

used cars salford

opel's dissolution is due to the incompetent european executives. they could have salvaged the company if only they've discussed the problems and consulted them well with their american counterparts.

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