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April 05, 2009


Bushama Hussein

It's rather a global phenomenon, don't you think?

I don't know of any place where US-Americans get _more_ sympathies than in Europe. They are pretty much hated everywhere else, even within the Anglosphere. Say thank you to your politicians for that, including Bushama.

It's always very worrying to see this unchanged arrogant self-image of "we are the apex of human development" from a bunch of socially underdeveloped,violent and narrowminded people. The mentioned NPD fascists are a splinter group and much more harmless and domesticated than your republican rednecks...

It's indeed the modern European fascists and mafiosi of Berlusconi persuasion who "love America".



You illustrate my point exactly: the authoritarian left in Germany and Europe is infected with a rabid anti-Americanism. The rhetoric with respect to the US mirrors that of the neo-Nazis.

Bushama Hussein

It's not rhethoric, it's reality (the worldwide thing).

There is no such thing as an "authoritarian left" in Germany.

You seem like another "rabid" christian redneck, yourself.


Basically, the Putin-worshiping German left is cowardly: afraid to use their actual identity when commenting.

Bushama Hussein

No I just want you to have a laugh at my name.

You are superficially correct, there is a growing consensus between real (european) conservatives, and the progressive left.

However, the consenus is one of anti-war, anti-racism and and anti-violence, which is of course the sin of "anti-americanism".

Trying to prove anything with quotes from Nazis (your recourse) is very poor, because: it reeks of smear tactics and makes you stand out as somebody who actually believes Nazi propaganda, who takes it at face value.

I think you don't learn such simple things over there, do you.

Where did you get the Putin thing? Sounds like another meme from hate radio.

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