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May 13, 2009



I would guess that The Times pulled that piece out of fear of legal retaliation and other forms of action against them, such as withdrawing advertising. Besides, the public has no right to the truth!
What a shocker. I'm linking to this on my blog.
It's very clear now what happened, not just at DB but throughout the financial sector. Clarifications such as Moorjani's cannot be tolerated but must be hidden from public view.


Hattie, we know the NYTimes needs all the ad revenue it can get! Very sad turn of events for the Grey Lady.


They should be able to make some money from the Kindle version, which is .75 to download, including Sunday. Also available are FAZ (at only .75 a huge bargain, especially the cultural commentary), The Independent (also .75) and the International Herald Tribune $1.00.

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