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June 25, 2009


Max Krapp

Well, maybe because the "Spiegel" likes his shitty statements. He may not have a full time job on the magazine right now, but still, they seem to make good use of him. The "Spiegel" turned from good to bad in just a few years, a period, I was able to experience myself. I do not tend to buy this magazine anymore, although I read it frome now and then: Online, of course! If he wasn´t known that well in Germany, we could ignore him. But, as a matter of fact, this guy seems to be very popular. This man is on a wrong turn. Maybe he`ll see it one day.

From Germany with greetings,


If there are any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, you have to excuse, but it´s late and I´m not used to write in English.


Hi Max,

Your English is perfect.

I read a number of the comments to Steingart's piece and was surprised at how many of the readers seemed to agree with him.

Isn't there any good coverage of the US in the German press?

Max Krapp

The problem is, that the comments in germany regarding the US are either fans or haters of the US. Somehow it seems, that the majority of the german journalists isn`t able to cover the theme in a more neutral way. Maybe the "Freitag", which is far away from the mainstream, because it also uses a lot of articles from the "Guardian". But if you want more, as a German, in my opinion, you won`t get past reading american newspapers yourself.
Myself, I use the NYT, which is not perfect, and far away from not beeing ideological, but I get the info I want. I also like to watch Jon Stewart`s Daily Show, which is in my eyes the best and funniest way, to learn about american politics.
But how about the coverage of Germany in the US? Have you already written about that in an article?

Thank`s for the compliment ;- )

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