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June 27, 2009



Germans fail to understand the combination of a free society and evil intent which made it possible for the conspirators to bring down the WTC. We are no longer as free a society as we were before 9-11.

Max Krapp

You`re a truther, hattie?

Bushama Hussein

What nonsense. "Schall und Rauch" is a slightly hinterwäldlerisches Right-Wing blog. They were big about Ron Paul and the owner has a pretty big mouth.

But, every sane person doubts the official conspiracy theories around "9/11".

However claiming that this is due to some mysterious "anti"-something ideology is the way of sore losers.

Your country doesnt do any "good" in the world this way, we'd be much better off without such displays of hatred and bad character as you're putting out here.

You people have a lot of issues with racism, violence, and general backwardness. Stop blaming and terrorizing others and start to work on yourself.


What "good" do you do?

You're a perfect example of the "insidious anti-Americanism" that President Obama addressed.


I think it's essential to sharply distinguish between critique of American foreign policy and rabid Anti-Americanism. Obviously the two frequently come in pairs, but the fact that Anti-Americanism is present doesn't necessarily negate the discourse being presented.

Similar confusions are often made re. Anti-Semtism--because the USA plays a significant role in enabling Israeli foreign policy, some equate criticism of Isreal's policies in Palestine to Anti-Semitism. It hardly needs to be mentioned that the mass media exaggerates these confusions as much as possible in their efforts to paint dissent as irrational. The rhetoric of "Left=Mullahs" or "the left will embrace Islam" was a favorite of peeps like Andrew Sullivan when he was a rabid Iraq war supporter...but I don't see any evidence these characterizations reflect anything close to the real views of left circles (whether Marxist or anarchist).

For myself I tend to be skeptical about reports out of Iran because the war in Iraq taught me to be skeptical of Anglo-American media re. the Middle East and the concrete factors that drive its viewpoints. But that doesn't mean supporting Amadinejad or his political philosophy and I'm not aware of any figure on the "left" who would argue otherwise. When there are points of solidarity there are points of solidarity but that does not mean support.

I'm looking forward to studies on Anti-Americanism in the near future--I predict the leading indicators of European Anti-Americanism have decreased sharply with the election of Obama--and if this war in Iraq actually ends that will help too. I also think if you took a poll based on the Obama statement quoted above the vast majority of Europeans would agree with it wholeheartedly.

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