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July 19, 2009


Max Krapp

An Interview with that guy would be quite interesting, although some people consider him a lunatic.
It is clear, that we have some things called "soziale Brennpunkte" (Is there a good translation for this?), but Germany is not falling apart in the year 2020.
Looking at this country, comparing it to other european nations, Italy would be considered the first state to collapse.
For Ulfkotte fits the old saying, that he has seen the signs, but wasn`t able to interpret them correctly.
The Main problem is, that it maybe could be a "Selbsterfüllende Prophezeiung" (the same in English?).
If there are enough people beliving him, if there are enough people getting mad, arming themselves, provocing riots, yes, then we could get a problem...


I'm stocking up on weaponry to bump off a few Inländer here in Berlin, Max...

He doesn't mention book lovers against television viewers, cat-owners against dog-owners, classical music listeners against pop fans - nor even men against women!

Surely his dichotomous world view doesn't go far enough.


Heh..."book lovers against television viewers"... Book lovers are not necessarily a united front. As an example, you have Thomas Mann readers versus Heinrich Mann readers. We Heinrich Mann readers may be fewer in number, but we are better organized...and far more militant!

In general the idea of Germans engaging in mass rioting reminds me of Lenin's view of a proletarian revolution ever taking place in Germany:

„Revolution in Deutschland? Das wird nie etwas, wenn diese Deutschen einen Bahnhof stürmen wollen, kaufen die sich noch eine Bahnsteigkarte!“ (“If the Germans staged a revolution at the train station, they would buy tickets for the platform first,”)

Max Krapp

Good god, David!
You don`t buy a "Bahnsteigkarte" before entering the station?

Well about, Heinrich an Thomas Mann:
Is it forbidden to read both? Or do you just have join one of the parties? And what do you usually do, encountering some Thomas Mann reading enemy? Stab him with a "Bandwurmsatz"?


Heh heh. Those Christian wackos never give up, do they.

Van Linden Danny

I think most people take the Islamisation of Europe to lightly,mostly those who live in the better neighborhoods dont have a clue what is going on!It is just a matter of time,riots or civil war in most countries!Because Islam is not a normal Religion,its a POLITICAL SOLDIERS RELIGION! Danny,Belgium.

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