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August 16, 2009



A little too busy right now but continuing to enjoy your postings on things German.

Bushama Hussein

Just don't believe these postings because the author really doesn't have a clue what he's writing about.

Rationalising that a racist murder is normal in "cultural centers" and stems from an "east german loser mentality" is such a typically perverted US-American opinion.

David, your own country murders dozens if not hundreds of Muslims in colonial wars of conquest every day.

Such violence as in Dresden is the result of a wave of racist propaganda that only rivals historic antisemitism, instigated by imperialist and zionist thugs mostly from the USA.


So a Russian national murders an Egyptian woman in Dresden and that is the result of "imperialist and zionist thugs mostly from the USA".

Bushama, I thought you were just a Leninist loser, but now I see you are more of LaRouche cultist. Or perhaps a Scientologist.


I know what really is going on: it's all the fault of the Jews. Or is it the gays? I get mixed up sometimes.

Max Krapp

It is the gay jews, hattie, don`t wou get it?
Bushama Hussein, you`re either a troll, a madman or just fucking stupid. But in the end, it really doesn`t matter. If you want to piss everyone of, your job`s done. Congratulations, you been awarded the medal of total stupidy. So would you now just shut the fuck up!


Well said, Max!

Bushama Hussein

It wasnt a "russian national" the guy was a naturalized German. As was the murdered woman. Damn you racists, but it's the "American way" obviously.

And the current wave of Islamophobia that made him do it is the result of Zionist and US-American hate propaganda that utilises Nazi methods.

As to calling me "Leninist" or "Larouche" or "Scientologist" I'd recommend you racist und culturally ignorant people rather seek the splinter in your own eye, as thats nothing but a collection of ad hom bullshit.

Note from editor: Bushama, I'm tired of your hateful comments. You are too cowardly to even use your name. Don't bother to comment here anymore as anything you write will be deleted.

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