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September 07, 2009


Max Krapp

I know such stories from my grandmother, a swabian woman, who was in fear of the black people. I think, Aly repeats old myths about black people raping white women. As you stated correctly, there have been rapings by french and american soldiers. But there are two problems with that:
1. Many Germans living in this period have an very racial attitude towards black people, which was taught them in the Kaiserreich and even more in the 3.Reich. They blame the black soldiers, because some of them despise the blacks.
2. Even today, it is easy to talk about rapings commited by russians in Germany. I was taught that fact in school.
But even so Iam living in Swabia, a region which experienced rapings by french/american soldiers, I never ever heard about it, untill I read it in your blog. Saying something about it is still very unusual in Germany and many people will call this "revisionistisch". Because of this tabu, there are many rumors going around about this topic. Best thing to conter such guys as Aly would be an open discussion about, even so it endangers us having some real revisionists taking part in it.
But anyway, what do you exepect from Aly, who made himself an idiot several times due his weird theories and arrogant behavior?
Greetings from Pforzheim,



He might not have said black American soldiers, but what he said was black soldiers. Even the politically right-leaning Daily Telegraph (circulation 1 mio) criticised him heavily. Considering that Aly is one of the most popular historians in Germany, one can only assume that up to now he was able to hide his racism behind the literature he is writing about the Jewish Shoah. These type of people thrive on the divide minorities and rule them - disgusting character.



Max, I agree there needs to be more open discussion about this chapter in history. I think the new Nina Hoss film ("Anonyma – Eine Frau in Berlin") should start the process...


I wonder what Oprah would think about this idiot. I might forward this to her, or would that be too much of an honour if she would pick that up?

N. Joseph Potts

American and Soviet soldiers represent opposite extremes in terms of a critical factor: ability and willingness to PAY (cigarettes, chocolates, stockings) for sexual favors, with British and French falling between the two. Sex without compensation is more likely to be complained about.

If a German woman conceives and bears after sex with a white (of any nationality), it cannot be clearly discerned that the father was not German. If she does this after sex with a black, it is typically obvious, which changes the matter drastically.

Sex between black men and white women was an explosive issue in the American South for almost a century after the Civil War. The situation would be similarly charged in Germany after WWII.

The practice of some German women today to fly to Africa for trysts with black male prostitutes offers an ironic postscript to this controversy. The circumstances, of course, are all very different.


Excellent postwar novel that deals with a German woman having a baby with a black GI: Wolfgang Koeppen's "Tauben im Gras" (available in English - "Pigeons in the Grass).


Maria said

"I wonder what Oprah would think about this idiot. I might forward this to her, or would that be too much of an honour if she would pick that up?"

Distinguished German historian = idiot.

TV personality in America = arbiter of morality.

Interesting values you have, Maria.


You are all niggers

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