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October 18, 2009



I had the hyped disease and it's nothing special. A stronger cold and a cough. A regular seasonal influenza is a lot worse.

The fear campaign is as fake as everything instigated by the capitalists/fascists.

On the contrary to what is claimed by the capitalists/fascists living off tax money, the questionable vaccine will weaken the immune system response to future diseases.

The only benefit is they won't lose employees to one or two weeks sick leave.

Well, I forgot, US-Americans don't even get a cast for free.


The virus seems to have made you even dumber.


Notice how anonymous on the basis of his light case determines that swine flu is nothing special. It wasn't bad for him, you see, and that is what is important.
Who needs science? Who needs public health? What are we? A bunch of sissies? I say bring back childhood diseases, and let's have some good epidemics to purge our population of the weaklings!


No, its just that antonymous (sp) is a German and firstly wants to mock the American health care system which is THE best in the world whereas the German system is shit unless you have private and he also likes to think that H1N1 is resistant to his superior German immune system. What antonymous (sp) fails to state is that fascists/capitalists living off taxes are WORSE in his country. They just elected a leader who will RAISE taxes beyond their 45pc to 55pc!!! Because 40% of the German people live on welfare and are lazy. Their economy is JUST going into a credit crunch. Germans would LOVE to live ANYWHERE besides their high tax rate, high welfare rate and soon high unemplooyment rate. Schadenfreude!!! He calls it a fear campaign when more than half of the German people are fear because of their past and present culture. Schade


It is a qiz of protecting your self or the others on your coast


i let myself vaccinated coz i work with new borns and preagnat women, ican only say i had to suffer coz of the others wich is also fair for non and new borns.
the pain after the vaccine was soo much maybe the swine flu itself would be less. so think B4 U act

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