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November 04, 2009


Max Krapp

"I'm all for freedom of speech. Germany should decriminalize Holocaust denial and reform its laws pertaining to "incitement" (Volksverhetzung). Let people openly admit their Islamophobia, homophobia, and rabid anti-Semitism. But they should be required to do it under their own names."

Well said, Dave.
Btw: This is my real name...
I use it normally, although not every time I`m posting something on the Internet. I`m not afraid of using my real name, but at some site`s (PB for example), I tend to use a fake name, because it is common there.
If you find some guy named "M1xP1yne" on the net, you can be quite sure, that it is me.



So basically you now advocate to copy the Chinese system with their mandatory user IDs in blog comments.

As well as "freedom of speech" for Nazis to build a new dictatorship.

Thats real American heavy thinking, man.



No, I'm advocating signing your comments with your real name. Cowards such as you would then vanish from the blogosphere.


I'm heartened to see you favor the decriminalization of certain modes of speech that are presently criminalized in many Western countries contrary to the Enlightenment tradition of free speech and media as the indispensable nexus for freedom of thought and inquiring en masse. However, this will not do away with the soft totalitarianism that reigns over us in expressing ourselves in the form of political correctness - which is but a watered down version of Frankfurt School social criticism. So, what is it that we ought have the good taste not to say, that is if we are not to be ground underfoot by ruinous opprobrium? I can say it very simply - and we all know this is the meat of the issue - that those of European descent have legitimate ethnic interests, the most fundamental of which is genetic continuity; the transmission of our very being through time. Now, was the earth torn from its orbit around the sun at the very mention of it? No, it was not.

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