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December 01, 2009



I think it is wrong to interpret the referndum as "fobic", as long as it is possible to read the views of those who cast the votes. Their reasons are not in any sense "fobic" og irrational, on the contrary. They just adress something else than the religion.

They are afraid of the sharia. This fear may be "unfounded", but no one as far as I have seen has tried to show this. Instead it is more important to use the event as evidence in campaigns against "the right". While failing at the same time to identifiy that the political use of religion in case of sharia represents exactly the extreme, authoritarian "right" - and that is why people are worried.

The Prime Minister of Turkey complicates things further when he labels minarets "our rockets" and mosques "our barracks". Taleban, Al Qeida, Hamas, Iran and many other, significant players, is founded in the axiom that religion is politics when it comes to islam. This triggers a reaction towards those policies.

Is this not permitted? After the second world war and the cold war, all in a sudden europeans may not critizise totalitarian ideas?

People will not accept this, of course. The question is not if they may be silenced by large scale social conditioning or the law. The choice is whether the educated and reasonable adresses these difficulties, or leave it to the extremists to take care of.

France is about to take back the core values of the republic from Le Pen. In Denmark something similiar is on the way under the leadership of Villy Sovndal (Socialists Party).

Those who spend their energy brandishing fear of political violence and human degradation combined with firebrand antisemitism and hatred of "kafirs" as beind somehow "wicked", are just wasting everybody's time.

Stefan S

Dear writing "intellectuals", who do you think you are to label everything and decide what the truth is. How do you know that "In the privacy of the voting booth, silent prejudices found their voice." I thought that these are not "prejudices" but others' people considerations. Some of those people much more educated and clever than you, "intellectuals". What arrogance and chutzpah and real "misuse of the public platform" of NYT.


one may say the follwing

the authors of the christian bible were all jewish by birth.

and as fr the muslim kuran, about three-quarters of it is jewish.

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