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February 10, 2010



jetzt werden die auch noch rasistisch gegenüber uns... gefällt mir gar nicht...


"werden"? Die Schweizer hatten schon immer ein Napoleon Komplex uns gegenüber. Davon mal abgesehen sind Deutsche Arbeiter in der Schweiz nicht erst seit gestern unbeliebt, man konnte schon vor 10 Jahren die selben Artikel in den Zeitungen lesen.


Wow. I just learned to live with the hostility toward me and my family when I lived in Switzerland. And even though the Swiss treated us and almost every other foreigner we knew as contaminated, we were reluctant to be critical, because it was after all their country.
They made millions off inventions that my husband and his German boss developed, but they never accepted us.
I don't like them, and that's a fact.
I note that foreigners there have stopped making nice, the way we always did.
You can only take so much, after all.

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