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February 23, 2010



Schmidt's opinion of Obama isn't that surprising considering his low esteem for Willy Brandt: "Wer Visionen hat, sollte zum Arzt gehen."

Joerg Wolf

Papascott beat me with that quote. :-)

As we all know, Schmidt did not like President Carter's rhetoric either.

Maybe Obama needs to be more like Chancellor Bismarck in order to get his health care plans passed. Not an inspirational speaker, but very shrewed. ;-)

"Remarkably, President Obama acceded to the Republicans' desire to increase troop levels in Afghanistan — without in turn demanding Republican support for his health reform initiative. As the Richter Scale explains, Otto von Bismarck, Germany’s “Iron Chancellor,” struck precisely that kind of bargain 127 years ago — and Germans have had universal health insurance ever since."


I met Helmut Schmidt very briefly in NY City (I think 1993?) when he gave a speech. He does (or did) have the unfortunate tendency to lecture Americans on how we should conduct foreign policy.

As for Obama, I'm not sure who is doing more to sabotage health care reform - the Republicans or his fellow "Democrats"....

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