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February 16, 2010



Well, she's blond(ish) and good looking. What more do you want?


You might want to give some context to your numbers. 140 in the last year, decade or since reunification?
And I don't see how she puts left in one pot with Islamic terrorism. Granted the passage is a little confusing, but I don't think she wanted to link those two. I could be wrong haven't read the whole thing and probably won't in the future.
And just to make it clear, I have no love for the right. I think they should all be put in a bag and get a good spanking, but I also think that the left should be stuck in the same bag.
The left is just as bad as the right if you ask me, but because everyone is panicking about a new Hitler they forget that we could have just as easily a new Stalin on our hands (hyperbole intended).



Yes, but the issue is "linke Gewalt" and the effort by politicians to equate this right-wing violence.

I don't think the data support this at all. The biggest threat of violence still comes from right-wing groups.


I'm always reminded of a game my daughter used to play with our tiny poodle dog. Whenever it ran toward her, she would back away, pretending to be very frightened! They could play this game by the hour. It was a great pastime.
That's about the danger level that "linke Gewalt" poses.


No it's not hattie, I think there is some cultural bias going on when it comes to the dangers of "linke Gewalt" as you two put it. Granted they haven't killed quite as many as the Nazis, but they surpass them in every other field of terror. Ranging from burning cars to the "Mai Krawalle" and if I would ask a cop which demonstration he would more like to "protect", he would probably say a right one (pun not intended), because they don't normally throw stones or spit on you.
So Andrew maybe right and left violence is like apples and oranges, you can't really compare them, but in my honest opinion they are each as destructive and dangerous as the other. But because the left is seen as anti-nazi, and there is still that big spectre Hitler going around here, it is seen as a the lesser evil.


From Bundestag.de - crimes categorized as "politically-motivated" for December 2009. Note the violent attacks against "foreigners" - all coming from right-wing extremists.

Im Dezember 2009 wurden insgesamt 903 Straftaten gemeldet, die dem Phänomenbereich ‘Politisch motivierte Kriminalität – rechts’ zugeordnet wurden. Darunter waren 41 Gewalttaten und 632 Propagandadelikte. 212 Straftaten, darunter 47 Propagandadelikte und 22 Gewalttaten, wurden dem Themenfeld ‘Hasskriminalität’ zugeordnet. Bei 135 Straftaten, darunter 28 Propagandadelikte und 22 Gewalttaten, konnte ein fremdenfeindlicher Hintergrund festgestellt werden.

ty allen

20,000,000 killed by Stalin....'nuff said.

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