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February 14, 2010



So you are in Germany or have been there recently. I would like to get over there sometime, but it is such a long way!
I agree with you that this unoriginal venture does not have much of a future.

islam news

Information and quality is what motivates us to visit the blogs again.

Fact Finder

What a stinky, dirty, disgusting swine you are.
In a fitting fashion you put the picture of the King of Swine, Kurt Tucholsky on your pathetic blog.
Even sympathetic fellow Jews such as Dennis Prager and Telushkin in their "Why the Jews" paint an unflattering, factual picture of this disgusting creature, a true poisoner of Germany and by extension, Europe.


@Fact Finder,

I'm sure Tucholsky would have had a good laugh at anonymous cowards such as yourself.

Step 1 USMLE

I agree with Islam News. If a blog or a news site is giving me the kind of information I really need in a day, then I will surely visit it more often.


It's a decent magazine. Had interviews with Michael Klonovsky and Erik Lehnert, the latter just having published an edition of almost all letters Armin Mohler wrote to Ernst Jünger. Klonovsky is a linguistically-gifted writer who runs a blog where he dismantles the decadent german media and politicians.

Also, the highly analytic Manfred Kleine-Hartlage has a column in Zuerst!, which is reason enough to buy it. I prefer the Sezession amd Tumult-Magazin, though (Tumult gets published four and Sezession six times a year) The Compact-Magazin, led by Jürgen Elsässer, is also worth checking out, and is, like Zuerst!, published monthly.

The Junge Freiheit is not fascist, though; it's a meek conservative weekly newspaper. Often times too meek, but has been endorsed by Peter Scholl-Latour.

I wouldn't call it a dying medium, as especially Tumult and Sezession are beautifully-produced magazines. And Zuerst! is alive and kicking, proving you wrong.



Yes, I was wrong: "Zuerst" is still around, although I wonder if it turns a profit.

I enjoyed your comment until you mentioned Jürgen Elsässer - his Compact-Magazin is an anti-Semitic, Truther POS.

Here's what Armin Mohler said in 1995 when asked if he admired Hitler:

"Was heißt bewundern? Er hat immerhin eine richtige Führung geschaffen. Die Kader, die er heranzog, hatten Stil.“

I wonder what he meant by "Kader": Goebbels? Himmler?

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