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March 23, 2010



I can't say anything about Alternative Right, but your characterization of Junge Freiheit is unfair. Describing them as neo-fascist and claiming that they "extol a voelkisch nationalism" is highly inflammatory and not accurate. I have been reading them for years and while they are definetely conservative and patriotic, they have nothing to do with fascism or the voelkisch movement. You clearly want to link them in your readers minds with the National Socialist regime, which the paper never fails to critisize. Conservative and patriotic does not equal fascist. In fact fascism has more in common with socialism and share he same roots. Hitler and Mussolini constantly railled against capitalism, and reactionaries, which they equated with classical free market liberalism and conservativism. How about critisizing specific articles instead of using empty formulae? The TAZ is a left-wing publication, but to call them Stalinist would be an injustice,don't you think?

Attie Schutte

David Vickrey: does anyone except your mother maby, actually take you as a serious scholar and commentator?

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