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May 25, 2010


Hans-Peter Dollhopf

David, if you don't have to say anything why don't you be silent at all?

You missed all the crucial points of that affair, but you yourself try to warm your audience with your deficient pet subjects.

You didn't write anything worth reading here. Verdammte Zeitverschwendung!



Reading anything by Sarah Palin or Eva Herman is a "verdammte Zeitverschwendung".

Hans-Peter Dollhopf

I'm sorry, David, but we in Germany, not the media but the people, think different on the Eva Herman incident. Here is another excellent book on that affair:

"Der Fall Eva Herman: Hexenjagd in den Medien", by Arne Hoffmann. And, Hoffmann is really not a Palin fan.

Wake up, kleiner Fanatiker. You carry things too far.


I am from Germany and very happy that you write so neutral on this subject - here in Germany Mrs. Herman got stalked by the Media and named "Eva Braun" (the wive of Hitler), because of her conservative views.
I do not share all of her arguments, but I think, everyone has the right to say, what he/she wants and I can not understand, that the German Media intimidate all, that has to do with conservative views or Christian Life; here in Europe it is better not to be conservative and traditional and that will struck Europe down!

Thanks for this wonderful article :-)

(German Citizen)

Darth Vader

There is one more big difference: Sarah has five kids from one guy and Eva has one child from four guys (that she was married to, not counting the relationships outside marriage).

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