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May 15, 2010


Paul Barbara

Whilst Udo Ulfkotte may well have published some extraordinary things, indeed derogatory things, about Muslims, which I certainly would not agree with (having worked in a majority Muslim firm for decades, travelled in about ten Muslim countries, and lived in Morocco for two years), you have offered zilch evidence his testimony of CIA and other Intel agencies, including his own German ones, is false.
Here, other than supposition (as in his 'e-coli' rant), he recounts activities he is sure of, not assuming. In any of the other stuff, though wrong, he may have believed what he was writing.
Let me give an example: If I tell people (or published/broadcast) I believed Martians caused the fall of the Twin Towers in Manhattan, with US 'Secret State' collusion, I might well believe that, and would be honest in so doing, albeit mistaken. If, on the other hand, I told people (or published/broadcast) that I had been visited by two suited, heavy-set men who told me to shut up about the 'Secret State', or I would be sleeping with the fishes, that is either true or false.
Udo's accusations (and indeed, confession) are indeed backed up by revelations about the CIA 'Operation Mockingbird', begun in the 1950's (don't try to tell me it has ceased, in this world of 'super-surveillance' and managed information).


Hey, if you choose to believe Ulfkotte's (written-for-profit) infantile conspiracy theories that's your choice. I have nice tinfoil hat for you.

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