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June 15, 2010



I hope the taxpayers of Nevada don't mind paying the salary of this fool.
Maybe a high colonic enema would help him deal with his inner congestion.
He certainly is full of **it.

Bushama Hussein

Why, the "libertarian" weirdos are as us-american as hubris. This guy certainly has some german traits but these views are pretty common in "America".

I think it's also great that you refer to your country as the "epicenter of modern democracy". You don't even have real political parties and your politicians are paid by the military and heavy industries, thats in no way democratic.

As well, classical history teaches that democracies cease when they go to make offensive wars. In your case that would be the mobster takeover by Kennedy and his assassisns, and completed by the 9/11 coup d'etat.

And these perpetrators certainly do think like this mad professor.


Bushama - Re: "9/11 coup d'etat"

I'm not surprised that a Leninist loser would also be a 9/11 "Truther".

You have never been to the US, and are obviously too much of a coward to visit - just as you are too cowardly to comment under your real name.

Bushama Hussein

I'm just too disgusted to visit my friend ;)

I actually work in the tourism business and in recent years us-american tourists appear more and more like 'from the moon', somewhat similar to what the former communist inmates appeared in the early nineties.

Ok, apart from that nothing but ad-hom from your side, nothing new in the west then...


Bushama: Perhaps you live in a country that does not attract the best people.

Bushama Hussein

Hattie, what a coward you are not posting under your real name :)

I don't really understand the part about the 'best people', one of my lessons from travelling was that they are the same everywhere.

Well, and it's clear that the USA have always been taking the various misfits from us, like the mad professor. It's the sort of "best people" that are attracted by the US-american system of violent proto-fascism.


My real name is Marianna Scheffer. As if anyone cared!
German snobbery is such a laugh.


The premier anti-democracy blogger in the US:


Here's a better essay:

Vincent Jappi

All you can do is name-calling.

The prohibition of theft, which each and everyone of us recognizes as the essence of natural justice in our everyday dealings, you describe as a "cult".
The defence of non-violent, by definition productive and artistic "elites" you compare to Nazism.

And in the name of what?
Implicitly in the name of elected and non-elected predators, and of the postulate of universal slavery, which is implied by unlimited majority rule.

YOU are the fascist and the social Nazi.


We already have laws protecting private property under the system that Hoppe despises. And what prohibits the "natural elite" from amassing vast fortunes? Hoppe hates the fact that a tiny fraction of these fortunes are diverted by the state into public education and infrastructure that benefits the sub-human riffraff (i.e. blacks and non-European immigrants).

Hoppe believes that feudal monarchies are superior to democracies by virtue of longer-term "time preference". Looking around the globe, then, the one example that most closely matches his ideal would be Saudi Arabia. Do you want to live there? I admit that the Saudi royal family has a "time preference" to preserve power for decades and centuries to come.

Our imperfect democracy allows Hoppe to publish and promote his anti-democratic drivel. Hoppe has made it clear that under his system, individuals like myself who harbor democratic ideals would be expelled, detained or worse.

Vincent Jappi

The contemporary regimes of Pseudo-Democratic Socialism do NOT respect property rights but violate them massively, and at the limit, where they are stopped in their increased plunder by the extent of the attendant destruction --as they "run out of Other People's Money", steal 60 percent of their half-slaves' income, for no one's actual benefit.
This kind of creeping civil war, where everyone must be a predator, a prey or both at the same time, has always brought the downfall of the societies which practiced it.
Pr Hoppe would be wrong if it were possible to have a democracy where everyone who lives off the public trough was banned from voting, but there is no example of that in history, and you would probably call "fascist" such an elementary precaution against the establishment, over masses of half-slaves, of parasitic castes of crony businessmen, unaccountable bureaucrats and permanent dependents.

Dr Hoppe is quite right in pointing out that people have more control over their own affairs when governments steal 15 percent of their income than when they steal half of it.
If "democracy" were a system where peoples control their own destiny, monarchies would HAVE to be more "democratic" than any of our current so-called "representative" systems.
But of course you must believe the foundational lie behind Pseudo-Democratic Socialism, which is that citizens have more power when they vote than when they spend their own money: an obvious, blatant, and on its face ridiculous denial of reality.
"Democracy", as presently observed, and as defined by such thinkers as Pr Hoppe and Anthony de Jasay, is designed to increase the arbitrary power of governments and PREVENT their subjects from controlling their own lives.


Sounds like the masturbatory musings of a crazed Ayn Rand fan...


It is rich that you are trying to smear him with "Fascism" title.

Charles Tuffin

The Fascists were radical progressives. If you read Mussolinis actual writings, you can come to no other conclusion, and add to that that he patronized the Futurists, who prided themselves with how much they wanted to destroy museums and libraries.


"he patronized the Futurists".

Interesting. Some of the key Nazis - esp. Goebbels- embraced modernist art early on. I guess that Hitler rejected Expressionist art as "entartet" (degenerate) because many of the artists were Jewish. So the Nazis embraced a bombastic art that idealized the Nordic racial ideal - in execution that that was not much different from Stalin's "socialist realism".

See my review of "Artists Under Hitler:

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