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August 09, 2010



I don´t want to sound unfair but isn´t publishing an annual Report on Human Rights by the US State Department somehow - ah - counterproductive?

I mean kidnappings, hostage taking, torture, unlimited detention, murder, assassinations, prosecution of child soldiers?

Coupled with no investigations and no prosecutions. Swept under the rug with "looking forward, not backward. Reflection, not retribution."

Does such a country really have the moral stature or right to judge the rest of the world on their human rights situation?

Or do we follow the NYT here?
It´s torture when foreigners do it, it´s not torture when the Americans do it?

Chutzpah comes to my mind. :)
And for all the undoubtedly worthy parts of that report I have a hard time taking it seriously. Just because of that hypocrisy.



I believe the findings of the report are still valid, whatever one thinks about the US human rights record.

Also, despite everything, freedom of expression is sacrosanct in the US.

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