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August 15, 2010



My feeling is that everyone's entitled to have one or two children. I think three is pushing it, and four is irresponsible.
German women are making the right decision to have small families. Well brought up people from small families do best in life.
When I see large families being promoted, I think of how hugely overpopulated just about everywhere in this world is and ask myself, "Are these people insane? Or are they just selfish and careless?"


First of call no one is entitled to children. If you were whom you blame for not being able to have children? There is a difference between a large and increasing world population and the population trends of a particular nation. Consider the pension system and social security. We need more young people to enter the work force and that cannot happen if we aren't having children.


Look at the incentives to stimulate birth rates before in Germany. They worked very well.
When a couple gets married and buys a home, for each child they have the state pays 1/4 of their mortgage. Problem solved!

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