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September 22, 2010


Gudrun Eussner

Unfortunately you are like everyone from the left, not distinguishing between citation and the author's opinion, as you are used to always publishing your opinion as truth (as seen here).

May be you are not expecting that readers are going to my article. There they will find:

Obama - Odinga/Kenya is from Newsweek, January 2, 2008, where it was posted by a supporter of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Other supporters joined in adding more to it. I did not offer it as my opinion.

This the readers will not at all find in my article: "Obama's PAC donated $1 million to Odinga" has been debunked, since no such PAC ever existed.

Obama - Birth Honolulu is also nothing but quoted as an answer to the moderator Tina Hassel who alledged that US citizens mentioning the birth place Honolu don't know that Hawaii is a full state of the USA, an insult to US citizens whether left or right, I think.

I did not at all take position, neither in Obama - Kenya nor in Obama - Honolulu.

You are claiming: As a true Birther (?), she knows that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and therefore his presidency is illegitimate.

I did not write it, as you corectly cited the German text:

Es gibt Vermutungen, daß Barack Obama in Kenia geboren und die Geburtsurkunde im nachhinein in Hawaii ausgestellt worden ist.

Correct translation: There are speculations, that BO has been born in Kenya and that the birth certificate has been issued in Honolulu afterwards.

And from the context it is quite clear, that I quote these speculations to be existing in the USA. I did not offer it as my opinion either.

As far as the National-Bolshevik Site "Kalaschnikow" is concerned. I did not write diatribes against "US imperialism" there, but you are feeling free to blame me for such as the articles are not anymore online.

Nice to read the accusations of the eternal doctoral candidate since at least 10 years Bernhard Schmid, author of radical leftist sites like "Trend" (no link, you may google yourself) and magazines like "Konkret". This man, full of hate against me, has spread a lot of ink claiming that "die Dame", has never written a book, that I may not be "Dr." etc.

And last but not least you are exposing yourself as what you really are: a sexist women hating person mentioning me "missing something", it est "Estrogens".

Gudrun Eussner


There are people who are able to read and there are people who only mouth words without understanding their content. Furthermore, there are people who are able to reflect their opinion and change it according to facts - and there are people who put somebody into a box with a big label and never bother to check if that label - if it ever was correct - still applies.
Guess who I think you are!


@Frau Eussener

Why do you continue to publish misinformation about President Obama?

Do you think that his presidency is illegitimate? Do you think that the 70 million Americans who voted for him were simply the victims of a conspiracy by the "liberal" media that is suppressing the truth?


I agree that my last sentence was unfortunate and have deleted it.

I am sorry.


Gudrun Eussner

David, please read my article. It is an answer to the outrageous constribution of Tina Hassel and her correspondent Klaus Scherer.

He declared that Tea Party people want to send BO to Kenya. I have answered, that there was a man with a T-shirt reading "Send him back to Kenya", BACK, and I have explained, why as far as I know they say so: 1) birth, 2) Odinga.

Lots of the 70 million having voted for BO were mislead. Don't you remember the indoctrination by CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, LA Times, MSNBC etc.? Repercussions were to be read in France in Le Figaro and the regional press. Le Figaro created an extra column for Jonathan Mann, who did not say one word against his "Messias".

I have followed it since June 2008. The US media were acting as Obama campaigning machines. My archive is stuffed with articles, all information given there is documented at the articles' end.

The most wicked was the campaign to get the Jews into the boat.

As far as the item "Who paid?" is concerned. One of the big spenders is George Soros together with his friends. Here you see a nice photo:

Money Chooses Sides. By John Heileman, New York Magazine, April 16, 2007

"Barack Obama" "George Soros" in my archive

More BO friends you can find in "Discover the Networks", link on my website.

Besides: the media were fed up of Rahm Emanuel's dictates half a year later already. See my article on that item, please.


I was a field worker for the Obama Campaign and spoke with hundreds of voters. They were not manipulated by the media or George Soros but made a rational choice when comparing candidates.

They did not think he was the "Messiah".

The outcome was clear as soon as John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. This was a disastrous choice and was a key factor in Obama's victory.

Again, this is based on my own experience knocking on hundreds of doors and making hundreds of phone calls. That's how democracy works in this country. Maybe you should visit.

Gudrun Eussner

"That's how democracy works in this country. Maybe you should visit."

You are slandering me, you are teaching me the democracy how it works in the USA, you assume that I have never been to the USA, implicating that I must be wrong.

How do you as a field worker know that the voters were not manipulated by the US media? I was confronted with it every day and night, with TV and newspapers.

How do you know that the voters made a rational choice, who told you so, they themselves, the outcome of the elections?

The media were full of "The One" and the "Messias", may be you did not have enough time to check it all. Please google Obama Messias, today there are more than 2 million results, for Obama "The One" you even will find videos.

Why is it that you need always to insult me, as I am not sharing your opinion? Why do you mistranslate and misinterprete my article, even though you are fluent in German, better than me in English?

Frankly, I hope that I will never ever be ruled by people like you. I would have to emigrate from that country immediately!

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