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September 25, 2010


Ben in Virginia

As a proud Virginia, I am always somewhat amused when folks weigh in on the subject of capitol crimes and punishment. People who are sentenced to this ultimate punishment have been through multiple trials and appeals. Nobody seems to look at the fact that this so-called mentally defective person plotted to murder somebody. As far as anyone I know s concerned, that alone is worth a trip to the gallows. What happened to others is irrelevant. Those individuals had their day and court and got what ever they got. Personally, I think they got off lightly, but that doesn't change the fact that she DID get what she deserved. Life is seldom fair. You plot and enable the death of people, you should forfeit your life.


As a proud Mainer, I like to point out that Maine abolished the death penalty in 1887 and still today has one of the lowest murder rates in the country.

Also, Maine abolished slavery at statehood in 1820, while Virgina went to war to preserve slavery.

It seems like executions are much more prevalent in the former slave states.

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