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September 22, 2010



"How is a man who sells 600,000 books and who appears each night on the television talk shows being "silenced"?"

Why do you close your eyes so hard? You did notice that he is to be kicked out of his party, after he has been driven out of his job without having committed a single crime?


Well, the Vatican can ex-communicate whomever they wish from the Catholic Church. Why shouldn't the SPD have the same right to kick out someone who rejects the party's core values.

As for the Bundesbank, if Sarrazin had spent more time performing his duties on the Vorstand instead of working on his crude racial theories perhaps he would still be there.

In any case, no person in Germany has a bigger megaphone than Herr Sarrazin, so don't tell me he is being "silenced".


Isn't it revealing that to explain what the SPD should be allowed to do you have to resort to the practices of probably the most undemocratic country in the Western world, the Vatican?

The SPD as a democratic party has to honor the basic rights of the individual and cannot exclude someone for being unfaithful.
The fact that its leadership tries to do so nonetheless is a major reason for the public solidarizing with Sarrazin!

As regards his job, you won't be surprised by the fact that many people writing popular books do in fact have other high ranking jobs too. Should they all be fired, too?

Sarrazin is not silenced yet, you are right on this one.

But isn't the political class trying its best to silence him? Without him having broken the law?

The fact that the established parties have been unsuccessful at silencing him is that people cannot be jailed for publishing provoking books here. Do you mean to say we should throw the rule of law out of the window to change this?


Again, Sarrazin should be completely free to publish or say anything he wants. And we should be free to criticize him.

Criticizing is not "silencing".

Thankfully, the hysteria concerning the man and his book seems to be dying down.


My conclusion is that kicking somebody out of senior party and job positions is a great effort put into silencing him.

Btw, I will attend a lecture of him next week - I'm really looking forward to that ;)

When I entered the ticket agency on the first day of selling for his lecture, there were people entering and leaving the place constantly. Due to the amount of anticipated viewers, they have relocated the lecture from the house of literature to a riding hall. And still, I was one of the last to get tickets on the first day of selling :D

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