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September 10, 2010



A cult in Germany, when I first saw this it made me smile :)

I can't wait to see how many backward people will kill themselves this time because a few hundred pages making a book are burned on a completely differnet part in the world.

Competition is going to be tough this year when it comes to the Darwin Award!

Honestly I think this author is right in his analysis:


There probably is just too much hurt pride and too bleak a future for them to remain sane.



Evidently the crazy pastor is big fan of your hero - Thilo Sarrazin!

See Der Spiegel:

"Terry Jones lobt nicht nur die "Entschlossenheit und Gehorsamkeit" der Deutschen im Zweiten Weltkrieg, er widmet sich auch der aktuellen Politik: "Dieser Banker da bei euch, der steht auf." Damit ist Thilo Sarrazin gemeint, der sich gerade aus dem Vorstand der Bundesbank zurückgezogen hat, nachdem er mit Thesen über Muslime für Aufsehen sorgte, die sich angeblich nicht integrieren wollen."



Apropos Sarrazin - Spiegel Online seems to have loosened censorship in its forums. No other reason is possible to explain this one:


The central council of jews in Germany is very unhappy (to say the least) with how the central bank has agreed with Sarrazin. If you are interested in a harsh reality check, take a look at the comments.

John in Michigan, USA

Which is the cult...the sectarian cleric who threatened to burn a holy book (but in the end did not) or the members of the sects who rioted, causing multiple murders worldwide, because of the mere threat of burning one (1) copy of "their" book.

Actually, its a false choice. Shouldn't we use the word 'cult' to describe all of these types of sects (those who would burn, and those who would riot over a single burning)?

Since I'm sure to be intentionally misunderstood: most Muslims did NOT riot over the near-burning of their holy book (and most non-Muslims repudiated Jones' threat.)

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