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September 26, 2010



i would like to have the original article if you've got it.


Omar - This right-wing extremist site actually copied and published the entire interview:


Shows you what kind of fans Dr. Ulfkotte has!


Immigration is one thing, muslim immigration is quite another thing. If all these theories about population decline are true, then we should favor christian immgration to Germany and Europe, not muslim immigration.
Muslims cannot be integrated in a western society.......rom

Ali in Doischeland

You better call it "wet dream".
That stinking Nazi is just another creepy piece of shit.

And @rom
You little Muslim expert know really a lot. Personally I think you're right. That's why I'd give you something right between your facist eyes. I'd clean society from you, you moron.


@ali. more taquiya (Islamically correct lies and deception) from Muzzie shit. Call him a Nazi, which I see no eveidence of, and you will get white and even Jewish liberals set agaisnt him and kising your black arse.
And making threats of violence is typical Muzzie behavior, Easy to so on the internet though, no danger.

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