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October 16, 2010



Wasn't *The Pity of It All* a great book?
I enjoy getting some insights from you about the current "racial" nonsense going on in Germany. Hope to get over there next year and take a look around.


"...Thilo Sarrazin has become a national hero in Germany..."
Yes, all those glorious parades we throw for him here, what a beautiful thing to behold.

How about you try two shift down a gear or two, you are rapidly nearing crackpot status.


It seems to me that Sarrazin, Wilders & Co need to "shift down a gear or two". They are fomenting this hysteria - and now they are joined by Horst Seehofer.


Even our Chancellor declares Multi-culturalism to be dead today.

I found this passage on EUReferendum interesting:

"Some of these people may have the sense to realise that they have outstayed their welcome, and get out of a country which has a lingering reputation for seeking final solutions to major problems. Once the tides of history start turning, they tend to develop an unstoppable momentum - and the difference this time is that we need to be alongside. You can abuse hospitality for only so long ..."


Great idea, Zyme - a modern-day Endlösung. And with DNA testing we can scientifically confirm the presence of the "Muslim gene".

O Brave New (Sarrazin-)World!

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