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February 27, 2011



Ever since Schroeder came into office, the direction of our political landscape as well as the attitude of the electorate changed in a promising way. The entanglement by the past has weakened ever since.

Only among the media, this development has not been represented. Until now it seems. I should take a look into Bild.de more often :-)

After all, it is always interesting what stance Europe's biggest tabloid assumes on controversial topics.


Eloquent criticism against BILD in an open letter from Judith Holofernes, lead singer of "Wir sind Helden":


John in Michigan, USA

You'll never have a direct analogy to the Tea Party without the US system of open primaries, or something like it. I think under the German system it would be very hard for a populist movement, even one with substantial media support, to so rapidly gain influence inside a large, established party.



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