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March 17, 2011


Strahler 70

Könnte es möglicherweise sein, daß Frau Merkel, eine studierte Physikerin, insgeheim gegen Atomkraftwerke ist, ihr Amt und ihre Partei aber bislang das Gegenteil forderten?

Eins ist sicher: Der Betrieb von Atomkraftwerken ist unverantwortlich und zwar aus dem Grunde, weil es im Falle einer Katastrophe völlig wertlos ist, ob und wer sich dafür verantwortlich hält oder welche persönlichen Konsequenzen diese Person zu erwarten hätte.


Lovely. Again a political class panicking before elections.

This goddamn federalism is the grave of our future. With important elections around every few months, it is impossible to decide anything on long term.

Imagine what US politics would look like if a new president was to be voted every 6 months...


Zyme, we have Congressional elections every 2 years, which is equally disruptive.

Democracy is hard!


"Democracy is hard!"

And that is the thing David: People with a strong interest in political development would move through the ranks to decision making positions in any system, as long as they are flexible.

It is just the uninformed masses that would then have the opportunity of focusing on things they really know about - namely their own private lives.



("What Would Gutti Do?")

Strahler 70

Gutti would explain why NATO should not engage in Libya, therefore being critisized by the left opposition in the Bundestag. Madness.

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