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March 27, 2011



"Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a member of the European Parliament, made this comment in a Huffington Post interview: ..."

A politician of a rival German party, B'90/die Grünen, doesn't agree with Merkels politics?
I'm shocked, shocked!

Btw.: Must have slept through to those bombing runs against Honecker. I don't even know who to thank anymore, Hasselhoff for singing the wall down, Reagon for talking it down or was it the entire west with their niece speeches. Massively supported? In what Universe exactly?

I really do wonder how you and those "rebels" would have reacted if Germany had actually said no.


It seems that the voters yesterday were not so happy with the "appeasement chancellor" nor her "Prince of Peace" Westerwelle.

As I mentioned in my post, some of the harshest critics of Merkel's Libya decision were from within her own party.

Strahler 70

Yet there's two years to go for Madame, maybe there will be the right war at the right time for her.

"You can't always get what you want but if you trie some time you'll sometimes find what you need." M.Jagger



What is your take on the elections yesterday? The biggest loser seems to be Die Linke. But I don't know what expectations they had, if any in conservative BW.


David you do realize that firstly this was about regional votes first and foremost, secondly that the CDU is still strongest party by far in Ba-Wü, and those lost votes are more about Mappus then Merkel, and has actually won votes in Rein.-Pfalz, right?
And those harsh critics from within her own party are just trying to improve their own profile, come on you know how that works.
It seems to me that the voters aren't actually all that displeased with our chancellor.
I'm just curios on what side of the Iraq question were you on again?

Strahler 70

In both of the states the Left faced minor losses, in deed the biggest losers have been the liberals from the FDP. In B-W many who would have voted for the Left before decided to vote for the Greens in order to kick out MP Mappus.


Nice to see Germany abstaining from the ongoing revival of imperialism/fascism.

The libyan "rebels" are the old Al Quaida cadres from Afghanistan and Algeria. Besides the islamists, there are the tribal rednecks who have already killed many black people in their "noble" uprising. The western intervention will in the long run only bring down these western neo-fascist regimes, the truth can not be hidden for long nowadays.

Frau Merkel really did all she could with the at least temporary shutdown of german nuclear reactors, otherwise it would have been much worse for her in these elections.

The Mr. Cohn-Bendit you cited is an ugly bigmouth representing the worst aspects of the german greens: a strong right-wing tilt which, when you get to see its proponents in real life, is actually the closest mimicking of many old Nazi ideas yet.


I have been watching Al Jazeera English and there is widespread support for the international intervention in Libya on the Arab street - just the opposite of the 2003 Iraq invasion.

Most of the world appreciates that a bloodbath was averted by the multilateral action. The biggest critics are the Tea Party Jihadists in the US and the German Left - blinded by reflexive hatred of America.

Strahler 70

In my case, it's not a reflexive hatred of America - I deeply distrust France, reject their military leadership in the WEU. Said that before, won't repeat the reasons here.

Besides, Emil: There is no Al Qaeda, that's a fiction invented by G.W.Bush.

John in Michigan, USA


Does calling the Tea Party 'Jihadist' mean that they are a peaceful movement dedicated to introspection and self-improvement? If not, why would you use that word, Jihadist? Is Jihad a bad thing? Isn't that perpetuating Islamophobia?

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