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March 30, 2011


Strahler 70

The guide lines of politics are set by the chancelor, don't concentrate too much on Westerwelle...


"I suspect that, other than the few die-hard Atlanticists, few in Washington are paying much attention to Guido and the Westerwelle Doctrine. In the scheme of things, he is simply irrelevant."

This is good to know. As long as not much fuss is created, the shift can continue undisturbed.

It is about time we do our own thing again. I had a feeling Westerwelle would go in that direction when he started to demand the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Germany. Now we only need to leave Nato and we can have a fresh start.

Strahler 70

Is there another country in the world where pacifism and the will to become independent from nuclear and fossile energy is as strong as in Germany? Germany is already the leading nation in renewable energies. In a few decades we might be the green, peaceful giant in world that faces peak-oil and wars for decreasing resources. Of course such a strategy, if there is one, is not an invention of Germany's conservatives, but the past days have shown that nobody in Germany can make politics contrary to that idea anymore.

Though Chancellor Merkel's official position in regard of Libya and Fukushima is clearly recognised as a tactical maneuver in an election campaign, the results are very positive. Yet the outcome of the intervention in Libya is uncertain, the coalition is about to break the UN mandate by delivering weapons to the rebells - and it can't be ruled out that the "Iraqi Deaths due to - ticker" on this blog will have to be replaced by new one...


U.S. already has CIA instigators on the ground. I suspect U.S. military will go in to Libya under guise of "U.N. forces." What a mess.
Just so big dumb people can drive around in their stupid SUVs


From the NY Times editorial page today:

"Mrs. Merkel has also been disappointing on Libya. Although NATO has long been the linchpin of Germany’s defense plans, she ostentatiously removed German ships in the Mediterranean from NATO command to keep them clear of operations in Libya. Germany also abstained in the United Nations Security Council’s vote authorizing action, joining Russia, China, Brazil and India.

Most of Mrs. Merkel’s postwar predecessors rightly believed that Germany’s economic prosperity was firmly tied to the European Union and its military security tied to NATO. It is becoming increasingly hard to figure out what Mrs. Merkel believes."


Strahler 70

According to sources from the US military, Gaddafis forces are still 10x stronger and better equipped than the rebell forces - and they are advancing again. The USA will stop their engagement in direct military actions next sunday and they will not deliver arms to the rebells. And it has to be admitted, the USA even don't know, who the rebells are...

That's not a war of liberation, that's just a drive by. But, btw, how are things in Bahrein? Still a stable market? Just call your friend, the Saudi king, if there is need for another blood bath, he'll surely do the dirty job for you again.


Most of Mrs. Merkel’s postwar predecessors rightly believed that Germany’s economic prosperity was firmly tied to the European Union and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyr_KC2dbao its military security tied to NATO..


Even the rebels are angry at NATO now.


Looks like Germany is belatedly joining the MATO effort in Libya after all:

"After breaking ranks with its allies by refusing last month to support the United Nations Security Council resolution authorizing military action in Libya, Germany is now prepared to let its troops take part if the United Nations asks the European Union to help provide humanitarian aid to Libyan civilians.

The policy shift, announced by Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle on Thursday night, reflects disarray in Germany’s strategy but an awareness that its standing among its allies was damaged when Mr. Westerwelle told the country’s ambassador to the United Nations to abstain from the vote."

Strahler 70

Don't forget, Libya is Europe's buffer state against African refugees. Europe has financed Gaddafi's concentration camps for refugees. Europe has instructed and equipped Gaddafi's police. Now all the world demands Europe shall help the rebells? WTF...? All of Europe's dirty secrets are about to be revealed! But, calm down, help is in sight! France will take care of it!

The (French) UN-mandate leaves everyone under the impression that it's against Gaddafi - but in deed it rules out the delivery of weapons or the use of ground forces to support the rebells and that's the really important point!

Europe is most interested in maintaining the status quo in Libya. Sarkozy and Berlusconi are most interested that Gaddafis financial support of their election campaigns remain a secret. The last thing they want is a regime change in Libya, at last they rather seek a diplomatic solution with Gaddafi.

Germany knew that from the beginning ... and abstained. The US quickly understood, too ... and are already stealing away. And Gaddafi keeps cool, playing his role in that charade, the useful, pragmatic crook waiting for his rebirth as an arabic hero against the crusaders.



Strahler 70


NATO Chairman Fogh Rasmussen rules out military solution...

Former coodinator of the German secret services Schmidbauer in Tripolis for secret consultations...

Today: Gaddafi accepts African Union Peace Proposal...


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