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April 09, 2011


Strahler 70

Circumstances are completely against Madame Chancelor. The junior partner FDP is a loose cannon. The conflicts in Libya and Afghanistan are a lose-lose situation for her. Whether she engages more or less, it will be wrong. Pushing the European unity is equal to pushing billions to the PIGS - and reducing national sovereignty in favor of the European Superstate. Fukushima completes the desaster: Unable to support nuclear energy anymore, she retreats to oximoronic proposals. Biding time is her only option: Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt...

One more mistake of the FDP could be the coup de grace to the coalition. The majority of the conservatives already think the CDU needs a sharp turn back to the right, that it was wrong to put the focus on the liberal right of center, which in their view is still too left.

Indeed, I don't see Merkel 'berlusconizing' the public discourse, but I expect her successor to do that, in case the coalition breaks down. The parole could be then: National prosperity or socialism. With the stress on 'National'...


"Biding time is her only option: Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt..."

She is really Helmut Kohl's girl: "nur aussitzen!"


I think she is not alone in her paralysis, which seems to have overwhelmed the political set. What if we can't solve our problems. What then?

John in Michigan, USA

A unified Germany has now had the vote for just over 20 years, and now, some politicians seem to want to keep it for another 20! The horror!

Someone needs to explain to the silly hausfrau that democracy, like milk, expires after a certain time, and must be thrown away.


JIM - How is Habermas' critique of Merkel's opportunism an attack on democracy? Do you know anything about Habermas or his philosophy?

John in Michigan, USA


I wrote a response re Habermas but the Internet apparently has swallowed it.

Short answer: I don't see him making an attack on democracy, more accurately I see him expressing a certain distrust of democracy and a preference for technocracy.

I think, due in part to the way that Lisbon went into effect, that this will be an unofficial issue or recurring theme in most national elections in the EU and Eurozone for the foreseeable future. The people will get their referendum, one way or another.

A tangent illustrates the "Berlusconizing" of academia.

Have you followed the LSE Libya links controvery?


Includes a developing story that suggests that Saif Gaddafi's Ph.D. thesis was "ghost-written and/or plagiarised". If true, the contrast between how the two academics are treated (zu G and Saif) to me is very poignant symbolism.

The academic class seem have their own irrational populism that is just as scary, to me, as actual democratic populism.

But I acknowledge I haven't read any Habermas :-)

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