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April 28, 2011


Attie Schutte

Ja-Ja, hate is a terrible emotion that should be banned and everyone who ever feels it should get shock therapy until those emotions turn to love, but seriously the $PLC calls just about everyone it disagrees with a hate group, nobody takes it seriously anymore for some groups it is a badge of honour. They believe that if the $PLC do not proclaim them as a hate group they have failed in there objectives, they see it as recognition for hard work.

I quite reading your blog a while back after you called that despicable woman “Sarah Palin” an extreme right-winger. Make no mistake she is horrible, but she is a typical cultural Marxist left wing extremist and any right wing activist should rather chew off his arm them support her. I thought it was "extreme" of you to call such a left winger a right winger. I guess or right wing and left wing is extremely apart.

Attie Schutte

And I might add after following the link from your page and reading some of the articles on westernyouth.org it seems boringly moderate to me.


Sarah Palin a Marxist? Her Tea Party admirers would be shocked and dismayed!

Attie Schutte

Culteral marxist, yes! She believes all the stupid left wing prattle, equality, gay rights, she supports the typical militant interventionism we see in both your political parties. She believes in democracy which is a perverted joke at best, and people like her/obama/bush/clinton gets elected because you allow the plebs to vote. When stupid people vote you get stupid leaders, point. She also believes in the right to education /housing and a bunch of other “rights”, how any of that crap they normally spew as “rights” became “rights” is beyond me.

And now for something completely different: How is Libya working out for you? LOL. I actually have friends amongst the Sanussi volk/tribes, so I found American intervention there to be hysterically funny. When I was younger I thought the American government was the personification of evil, but I realised over time they are just typical clumsy/inept fools with absolutely zero understanding of actual multicultural societies. Here is the only link I could find on the Sanussi, but it’s not even half the story: http://www.financialpost.com/todays-paper/tribes+Libya+brief+history/4652306/story.html

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