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April 23, 2011



Better pack your bags, my friend. The November 2018 election will be a Democratic sweep.

John Titor

I like how this is written to make me dislike Hoppe and I just ended up liking his ideas even more.


"Hoppe, as Libertarian, as private property proponent would not want you around. Yet, Hoppe, as private property proponent, would not exclude you from setting up your own enclave full of various parasites and perverts. All of us would revel in the idea, that you would quickly fall by the wayside, as your lack of understanding of economics would quickly lead you to consume the entirety of the capital stock you had - assuming you had any base to begin with."

Actually, it seems it is you that has misunderstood Hoppe here. This is actually the opposite of what he is saying.

Hoppe is arguing in 'Democracy: The God That Failed' that there is a 'natural order' to society--he further claims, based on the logic of argumentation ethics, that this 'natural order' is a 'libertarian social order', and that *other forms of social order should not be tolerated*. He says tolerance of these other forms is the major source of society's problems:

"Rather than having all habitual democrats, communists, and alternative lifestylists quickly isolated, excluded and expelled from civilization in accordance with the principles of the covenant, they were tolerated by society. Yet this toleration only encouraged and promoted even more egalitarian and relativistic sentiments and attitudes, until at last the point was reached where the authority of excluding anyone for anything had effectively evaporated"

So he is actually *not* saying that he would "not exclude you from setting up your own enclave full of various parasites and perverts." He is saying that, a priori, such enclaves are *not valid forms of society*, and thus *must not be tolerated*.

This undeniably implies that, under this rubric, Hoppe would be entirely justified in destroying any "enclave of parasites and perverts" that would set up shop anywhere--indeed, Hoppe is actually inferring that *libertarians have a duty to do so*, because allowing the enclave to continue to exist is precisely the form of 'tolerance' he says is unacceptable.

Ultimately, what Hoppe is attempting to do is to justify a fascist form of society using libertarian principles. He is not unlike many of the key luminaries of Austrian Economics in this sense; the whole school is a response to the spread of democracy to the Habsburg Empire. This was Carl Menger's #1 fear when he wrote his treatises on political economy, and it was likewise the motivation for Mises and Hayek's support of fascism over democratic movements. At the heart of it is the notion that authoritarian rule over the masses by elites is the best way to organize society, and that democracy is an illegitimate deviation from this. The only real difference between old-school Italian fascism and the philosophy of the Austrian economists is that the latter just try to silence the implicit militarism of this authoritarian rule by dressing it up and justifying with specialized definitions of 'liberty'.

Charles Tuffin

In what world are Republicans acting in the interest of the Austrian School? They are democrats at heart, and will have to be physically removed too, so to speak. References aside, when was the last time the Republicans have seriously proposed cutting regulations to below the levels from a decade or two earlier? When have they last proposed getting your troops home, and letting them stay home, and when have they called a stop to the many wars that America is waging abroad? When have they called for an absolute end to eminent domain, for overall taxation levels to be reduced to below 15% across the board, and for an end to all economic subsidies? Sure, some Republicans no doubt have plans to this end, but they are neither the mainstream nor even a sizable minority. Even Rand Paul or Gary Johnson fell far flat of the Austrian ideal.


And off course the 'Nazis were socialists' morons found their way to this article to defend their cult leader Hoppe

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