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May 27, 2011



How much of this serves to keep women from reaching the top in the corporate world. If it's fun and games for the guys they are not going to want women around that they aren't using for sex purposes.
I know it's common. A German man in his cups told me once about an outing in Iran that his company ( a highly respected one, too)arranged in a brothel, where he had sex with a twelve year old girl.
In other words it's even nastier than this piece would indicate and yes, it is about sex.

John in Michigan, USA

I dunno, I can imagine plenty of people who would much, much rather enjoy something illicit, particularly in a group setting, rather than simply getting cash (even if the cash was much more than enough to arrange the same thing privately and individually). The group bonding, and group absolution of guilt, is a powerful factor.

This is a problem on Wall St. as well.

I'm actually all in favor of legalized prostitution. The part I haven't figured out is, when it is combined with business, it is difficult to see how to be fair to female colleagues if the men are enjoying this sort of incentive.

Perhaps to balance things out, the men should be expected to occasionally attend some form of entertainment that the women would enjoy.

Strahler 70

Prostitution is the ugliest degradation of women possible. The legalization creates a grey zone of business occupied by organized crime, motorcycle gangs etc... It is also a major reason for the spread of AIDS, especially in the third world. It should be prohibited and outlawed.


But criminalization of prostitution does nothing to stop it, and, as we see here in the US, only hurts the security and well-being of the women.


Prosecute the pimps, not the prostitutes.


Well. I am glad I'm not a prostitute, that my daughters aren't prostitutes, that my granddaughters are not child prostitutes.
I know it all has its glamor, but it's repulsive.


Just to add insult to injury, the Hamburg-Mannheimer insurance group took the entire cost of the orgy as a tax write-off.


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