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May 02, 2011



Watch those tweets!

Strahler 70

It was a stupid idea to dump Osama's corps into the ocean before convincing everybody in the world he's really dead. The story could be true (that's what I think), but it could also be doctored as well. Those who don't believe it will say it's the logical end of a story which was a hoax from day-1.

Strahler 70

As military chaplain of the Al Qaeda Bin Laden stood under the protection of the Geneva Conventions, Protocol I, his killing thus being a severe crime against humanity. Obama should be brought to the International Court of Justice. ;)

John in Michigan, USA


I'm guessing that the remark about a chaplain is a joke, and the target of the joke is those who complain about the Osama assassination being a crime against humanity?

I think the manhunt, and the raid itself, was a virtually perfect success, and I give Obama full credit for his leadership.

I think the handling of matters after bin Laden's death has been much more of a mixed success. For example, there is all this emphasis on how his body was handled in accordance with Islam, but then he is buried at sea, which isn't Islamic. I read one cleric who said that an unmarked grave at an undisclosed location would have been the right way to do it if we care about Islamic funeral rites.

But that begs the question: doesn't treating him as a Muslim imply a connection between what he did and Islam itself?

So the handling of the body, for example, sent a very mixed message. Given the months that Obama had to plan his mission, he could have done a better job planning for what happens after the mission succeeds.

Still, post-success problems are the best kind of problems to have!

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