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June 09, 2011



"Obama “hopes that by treating Merkel as Europe’s leader she will start to act like it,” Szabo says."

Now what do we we do for Obama to start acting like a leader (instead of a highly polarizing, idealogue, school teacher with too much authority)?


This is all to the good.

Joerg Wolf

Not sure the quote indicates something "sinister"

I think the German press just wonders why Obama makes all this fuss, pomp and circumstance for an ally who is not in Libya etc.

Strahler 70

Jörg, the Freedom Prize goes to Chancellor Merkel for continuously not saying 'Bahrein' or 'Columbia', where regime changes would not be in favor of American interests and must therefore be prevented with brute force.

John in Michigan, USA


I understand the criticism of Obama (and the USA) re Bahrain but I don't understand why you include Columbia on that list.

Columbia is a full Constitutional Republic; the rebels in Columbia are (mostly) narco-terrorists or others who don't accept the outcome of (reasonably) fair elections (by local standards at least). Also, Columbia's military and police have greatly improved their human rights record.

Bahrain is a (barely restrained) Constitutional Monarchy. They haven't had real elections, except recently, under pressure from Bush, the Kingdom permitted a very weak parliament.

Also, the Bahrain uprising is new and (so far) mostly non-violent, whereas the Columbia rebels have a long history of violence.

About the only point of comparison between Columbia and Bahrain is that both are being attacked by hostile dictatorships (Venezuela and Iran). But somehow I don't think that is what you meant?

Strahler 70

So, because of the great human rights improvenments, DynCorp mercenaries in Columbia are exterritorial and can only be sued for their crimes in the U.S.A., where the cases are always rejected with the excuse of security interests of the U.S.? And in Bahrein it was okay the the demonstrations for democracy where gunned down by Saudi troops, under the eyes of the American forces dislocated there? In Columbia, the U.S. Government has DynCorp for the dirty jobs, in Bahrein they let the Saudis do that.

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