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June 04, 2011


John in Michigan, USA

In my opinion, homosexuality isn't, strictly speaking, innate.

I think human sexuality is probably acquired via a process similar to language acquisition. The ability to acquire language is innate, but the particular language(s), accents, speaking styles, preferences, etc. are greatly influenced by the environment. Sexuality (in its general form, i.e. the desire to engage in sexual behavior of some sort) is presumably innate, but the particular preference, style, etc. is greatly influenced by environmental factors.

So, having bucked the conventional wisdom that homosexuality is innate, I'll go on to state that it is ridiculous to treat homosexuality itself as a disease, or even, as a negative thing. Consenting adults can work out for themselves what is healthy sexual behavior and what is unhealthy.

Of course, sexual preferences start to form before adulthood. Logically, the parents (and by extension, the community chosen by the parents) must struggle to work out for themselves what influences their children should have.

If some organization, like the Catholic Church, wishes to try to persuade people to limit themselves to a certain, narrow type of sexuality, that is their right...and it is the right of other organizations to influence people in different directions.

Finally, I fully agree with the statement, "the doctors in the Bavaria are offering is a fake remedy for a non-existent illness". As an aside, I think GID (Gender Identity Disorder), which is supposedly cured by a sex change, is also a fake disease (in most cases?). If people want to transform their bodies, whether its braces for the teeth, a face lift, tattoos, or much more radical procedures, it should in general be seen as an exercise of free expression, not medicine.


My sister is a case in point. She has happily heterosexual for many years. After a bad marriage she found and fell in love with a woman and then spent 5 or 6 years as a lesbian. After a breakup and she found and fell in love with a man again.

Is she gay? Is she heterosexual?

I believe firmly that some gay people are born that way and some become that way. I fully support them either way.

I am not sure that I would call my sister "cured". But I would say that she used to be homosexual and now is not.

Could the study have includes some people like my sister?

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