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June 18, 2011



David - several points on this incident and then on the Burschenschaften in general:

First of all I would have been extremely surprised not to find an article about this topic on your site.

But please don't mix up the facts in your rant on the German "duelling societies" (what a lovely term).

Not the Chinese kid was to be thrown out, which is something the German association of these societies cannot do at all.

His duelling society was to be expelled from the German association due to the fact that they allowed the Chinese guy to join up. And this only if the association would have voted in favor of this proposal stemming from another duelling society, which was even withdrawn by them BEFORE the meeting was held.

So much for that. And I am not even a member, just used to visit these pals every now and then during my time at university.

Now I understand that it may be tough for Americans born into an immigrant society to understand these principles - but fellas, this is Germany and not the US.

These students (+the graduated ones) are absolutely no threat to our society. They do discuss topics otherwise considered politically incorrect for sure (while many of these aspects have become common in our society in the meantime anyway).
Their political activity is close to zero. They are not taking it to the streets under any circumstances.

Only when there would be a month like January 1933, their political existence would spring to life. Being doctors, lawyers and businessmen, these are the kind of persons to run a state.

But unless this happens, they won't hurt anyone!


Zyme - we Americans understand "these principles" perfectly well, and even fought a bloody civil war about them.

You are right that the racist element in the Burschenschaften is a minority. But I'm not the only one that is concerned. This is from Der Spiegel's Web site today:

"Es war nicht das erste Mal, dass Burschenschaften durch rassistische Tendenzen aufgefallen sind: Einige werden sogar vom Verfassungsschutz beobachtet. Denn in ihren Reihen fühlen sich auch NPD-Kader oder Mitglieder anderer rechtsextremistischer Organisationen wohl, einige Verbindungen laden gern mal Holocaust-Leugner zu Vorträgen ein oder inserieren in rechtsextremem Publikationen wie der Jungen Freiheit oder der Deutschen Militärzeitschrift. "


Eisenach, Germany - The fusty world of German nationalist secret societies was at odds Thursday over racial purity demands from a faction that objects to an ethnic Chinese man joining one of the clubs.

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