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July 16, 2011


Strahler 70

We can't trust any bank. I'm more and more convinced those supernational banks willingly have driven us into this huge financial crisis with the intent to force the nations into wars. Libya is just the first small step.

I see patterns in the wind and in the sand... I will relaunch my blog Universe-B soon.



Deutsche Bank and UBS were only too happy to take Ghadsffi's petrodollars. Now they are nervous that they might be forced to repatriate the blood money to the Libyan people.

I want to see Ghadaffi gone and support the action the remove him. But he still has good friends in Europe - like the Austrian fascist party FDOe.

Strahler 70

I think it's not about Gaddafi's petrodollars, it's rather about the dollar itself and the euro. China is getting nervous, too, much mor nervous than DB and USB. China might seek a political compensation for the devaluation of the dollar. The price could be Taiwan.

Pakistan could be the new evil empire soon. The ISI seems to be responsible for all major terrorist attacks in the last decade. In Afghanistan, in India, elsewhere, in one way or the other. Not mentioning illegal nuclear proliferation through Mr. Khan...

Meanwhile, Somalia pays the price for US engagement in Africa, starvation as a weapon against warlords and 'terrorists'.

Did you know that Libya has more water than oil and gas?

When the big banks come down this will mean WAR. So the final question might be one that could only be answered by David Rockefeller, Kissinger or those CFR bastards: Did YOU run us into this maze in order to push your depopulation plans for earth?

Okay, that's all far beyond the opening post, but...stay tuned.

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