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November 05, 2011



I can think of lots of ways in which it's better to be a man than a woman. Could I get a lecture engagement at some German university and talk about that?
You know what really bugs me? Men run the world and then complain about how rough they have it! And blame women to boot!



I would pay to watch a debate between you and Herman Cain!


typical feminist, half-witted young women, those students who made him go away. northern europe is full of women like that.

Luiz Antônio

I support entirely Martin Van Creveld and others, like Warren Farrel.
Creveld was attacked because he told the truth. The force of women is evident when hetero males trie to reveal inconvenient facts about female manipulation. They (women) react violently and show absolutely no respect with men who show his arguments (contrary to hers).
Of course, men are not perfect, but this is not the point. The point is that women were favoured in the past and continue to be in the present. They retire younger than men, they do not have to go to war, they have specific laws to guarantee his (own) rights, they guard the children in case of divorce... and so on, so on... And the worst of all: several hetero men believe in her fallacies and defend their causes against the rest of men's groups...

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